"You'd better watch your back...you don't want to get bitten.”
I'm an artist. I love anime, K-Pop, shoujo manga, and sappy Asian romance dramas.
Rikku Takuya
July 28
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Kingdom Hearts + colours/scenery 

July 28
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July 28
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Finished my second piece for the Otakon Art Show, this time I based the piece on Erte’s The Precious Stones, Ruby. Some detail shots of the vectors, done in Illustrator again.

July 28
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When I was a teenager, there was a cartoon that I loved and marked me forever. When I first saw two women together, I was surprised. It was something I had never seen… and I wanted it to be real. And it was.

   Haruka and Michiru were the first lesbian couple I saw in my life (or the first I can remember). And since then, more than 15 years ago, they became my absolute favourite pairing of all times.

   Now, when I see Korra and Asami on screen, I can’t help but to feel nostalgic. I can’t help but to pray that these two end up together. Why? Because I long for young girls, confused and isolated, to understand that it’s okay to feel those kind of feelings for other girls, for them to know they are not the only ones craving for the world to accept them, and to know that you’ll find that special person you’ll be willing to fight for… no matter what anyone else says.

July 28
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Jensen’s face when he hears about “SuperWhoLock”

July 28
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Jensen’s laugh warms my heart  (◡‿◡✿) (x)

July 28
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Sophie Turner on the appeal of Kit Harington’s accent. [x]

July 28
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Every act of kindness counts. No matter the size. Even buying a cup of Joe for someone standing in line at San Diego Comic Con.

If you were in the Hall H Line this morning and got a cup of coffee from our fearless Co-founder or someone on the Random Acts team, we’d love to hear your stories and see your pictures. So be sure to tag them with #theRandomAct.org and #SDCC. 

And remember that #SDCC is a perfect place to practice some random acts of awesomeness. We can’t wait to see how you get kind at #SDCC.

July 28
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One of my favorite ladies.


July 28
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July 28
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The majestic moose in his natural habitat

July 28
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when someone compliments you and you’re like “wuh?”

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July 28
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thank you for the fun guys! - spn cast at NerdHQ

July 28
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Sophie Turner at Entertainment Weekly’s 2014 Comic-Con Celebration in San Diego. [x]

July 28
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Come on, Sammy!  Let’s have a beer… talk about it.  I’m tired of playing.  Let’s finish this game. (x)